Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Truth About Fiction

The truth is, this writing thing is no joke. Initially, I believed it would be easy to publish as an indie author. The fact is it's a lot of work. All the responsibility of getting my work written and edited, a cover created, everything published, and public relations is all on me. I haven't even really started yet.

Maybe in a few months I'll have this down to an art. But, for now, there are things I am forgetting. I've got bugs that need fixing, and glitches that I need to take a wrench to.

In a recent phone call with my mother, I was belaboring the woes of being an online presence. Do you know what she told me? My mother who barely uses email? My mother said that I should keep pushing. All roads take time and effort to build, and by the time I get to where I want to be, I'll be able to navigate back and forth easily. God, I am so glad I have this fount of wisdom to tap into whenever things get tough.

I am seriously missing my mother right now.

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