Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kellie's Style - Reckless Prudence

By now, most of you were introduced to Kellie in 'Reckless Prudence'. Her simple, classy style made her stand out from among the pool of women in Nathanael Wright's bar. Though at the time this short story was created, I didn't really have an inspiration for Kellie's outfit, I eventually had to figure out her fashion style.

Kellie is a forty year old single woman. Her struggle to success is that of many women, and she has recently reached a state where she can afford the finer things. Everything about her appearance reflects the point she is at. Kellie's not a barhop, though she'll take up the challenge if it's given. Instead, she goes out with friends, or alone for some personal time. She's the single friend who might misbehave, but she'll never give the details; and she's the friend that a married woman can hang out with and not feel pressured to mimic. Her view on life is that people will always do what they want to, so leave them alone. While she is not judgmental, if prodded, she'll lay it out straight. Kellie is funny, elegant, and enjoying the prime of her life. In 'The Wright Choice', she is willing to gamble a bit when the odds are in her favor.

For those of you who don't get lost in all the details that makes up a story, I've assembled items that I imagine Kellie wore that night in 'Reckless Prudence'. Perhaps it will give you a sense of her style when you read the continuation of her and Nathanael's story in 'The Wright Choice'. If not, perhaps it might inspire your outfit for that special night out.

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